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Verden, as a city with an awareness of its historical heritage, makes this rich history tangible in many corners. Special  Sights stand out.
In addition to the stone sights, we also recommend sights of our city to the visitor.
Founded around 800 AD, united from two cities in 1667 and today a lively middle-class center, the history of the city is full of exciting details.  information  there is in the short overview .
Whether street, building or sight:
The city map shows you where to go.

Verden dunes


Already placed under nature protection in 1930  the Verden dunes  Formed after the last ice age around 15,000 years ago.  you are  impressive witnesses to this period. Today the dune area is located in the Verden city forest and offers a bizarre, beautiful backdrop in the middle of a forest landscape. This impressive piece of nature should not be left out on a walk through the city forest




From the "Reeperbahn" to the "Alte Burg" street, the promenade leads along the banks of the Aller with a wide view of the river and the valley. A dangling through the fishing district gives an idea of how much life in Verden has always been shaped by the river.



In 1934 the foundation stone for a "Sachsenhain" was laid in Dauelsen. The National Socialist leadership wanted to build a national thing and memorial here. The historical background for this was the tradition that where the Aller flows into the Weser, 4,500 Saxons were killed by the Frankish king Karl (later Charlemagne). Since there are no detailed reports about this event, there are more myths, legends, fantasy novels and adventurous interpretations about the so-called "Verden Blood Court".


Ritterrost Magicpark


Immerse yourself in the magical world of the Ritter Rost-Magic Park Verden and let yourself be enchanted by witches and magicians! Of course you can also meet our resident Ritter Rost and many of his friends from the popular children's series!


Serengeti Park

The Serengeti-Park Resort in Hodenhagen in Lower Saxony is an animal and leisure park. The park has a size of 220 hectares, 1500 animals, over 40 rides and shows as well as a resort with various overnight accommodations.

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